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exercise testing software for Poly-Spectrum digital ECG systems

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Poly-Spectrum-Ergo General Properties

Poly-Spectrum-Ergo software allows executing exercise testing by different cycle ergometers and treadmills. It can operate with Poly-Spectrum-12/E, Poly-Spectrum-8/E or Poly-Spectrum-8/EX ECG systems.

Poly-Spectrum-Ergo module provides all the necessary software tools for exercise testing including special mode of exercise ECG imaging, the execution of the necessary on-line estimates, and the summary protocol generation.

Exercise Testing Protocols:

  • Multistage test (on cycle ergometer or treadmill)
  • One-stage test based on BEE value (on cycle ergometer)
  • Astrand-Test (on cycle ergometer)
  • PWC 170 (on cycle ergometer)
  • Three-stage Swedish protocol by Sjostrand (on cycle ergometer)
  • R. Bruce protocol (on treadmill)
  • J. Naughton protocol (on treadmill)
  • Any protocol constructed by the user (on cycle ergometer or treadmill).

Poly-Spectrum-Ergo Techniques

Patient S., 34 years

A sample of elements arrangement on the PC screen. The main part of the screen is occupied by the curves area. The patient ECG recorded in the real-time operation mode is represented here. The leads system (standard, Frank or Nehb's system), number of displayed leads, ECG sweep speed and sensitivity are software switchable. The averaged cardiocomplex field is to the right of the curves area. Averaging is done by several last complexes. The averaged complex is represented as superimposed with displacement on the complex, which is averaged through the rest ECG recordings. HR (or R-R duration), workload and blood pressure time variation curves are given under the curves area.

Patient S., 34 years

Time variation curves of the ST displacement through all leads may also be shown under the curves area. To the right of the curves the numerical information is shown, these are test elapsed time, current stage elapsed time, current HR, current workload, cycling speed for cycle ergometry or speed and grade for treadmill. A switch to the next stage can be done manually (by keystroke) or automatically (by the software set time interval). The former way makes the checkup faster. As for the automatic initial, it makes possible to execute test by a medical staff.

Patient S., 34 years

At any time you can "freeze" ECG by keystroke. Then you can send it in ECG measurement and interpretation window (fig. 4) or print it. All ECG including rest, exercise and recovery periods are stored in PC memory. The number of blood pressure measurements and their savings is unlimited.

Patient R., 42 years

At the end of the test each ECG fragment can be analyzed in the ECG measurement and interpretation window.

Patient M., 31 years

In addition to ECG contour analysis a number of ergometric parameters can be analyzed after exercise testing. Some of them are represented in the "Ergometry" window.

Patient R., 42 years

You may choose the elements you would like to include in the report. The most representative ECG fragments (at user's option) with the QRS complex amplitude-temporary parameters tables can also be included in the report. You may also print the whole ECG record.

Patient M., 31 years

Every 30 seconds the program makes the automatic averaging of ECG fragment. The averaged fragment is stored in PC memory. After finishing of the testing all the averaged fragments are displayed in the separate window.

The software can be used during exercise testing in the following cases:

  • CAD diagnostics;
  • risk stratification and prognosis in patients with established CAD;
  • evaluation of perioperative risk for noncardiac surgery;
  • determination of the degree of disability in subjects with various forms of heart disease;
  • estimation of quality and quantity of exercise needed for a beneficial effect;
  • assessment of maximal work capacity in normal individuals (sportsmen, army recruits, rescuers, policemen, firemen).

Poly-Spectrum-Ergo Delivery Set

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