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magnetic stimulator for diagnostic and therapeutic stimulation of cerebral cortex motor zones and peripheral nervous system

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Neuro-MS General Properties

  • Single pulse and repetative stimulation modes
  • Built-in control unit with the convenient keyboard
  • Digital indicators displaying all the parameters of the magnetic stimulator operation
  • Connector for synchronization with the external devices
  • Computer connection via USB-port
  • “Delayed charging” mode
  • Multistage system of device protection
  • Three different coils in the delivery set

Applications in Diagnostics and Treatment:

  • Neurology
  • Epileptology
  • Traumatology and orthopedy
  • Pediatrics neurology
  • Pulmonology
  • Ophthalmology

Neuro-MS Features

Operation Convenience

Increased noise immunity allows to combine both the power part and the high-accuracy electronics of control unit in one case.
Convenient keyboard allows to control all the parame-ters of the magnetic stimulation if the device operates in the autonomous mode.
Digital indicators display all the parameters of the stimulator operation.
Indicator of coil temperature.
Possibility of delayed charging of power capacitor in order to avoid the artifacts on EMG at long epochs recording.
Possibility of stimulation by pressing one button located on the coil.


Multistage Protection System

Protection from the coil overheating.
Protection of power circuits from the charges emerging in them at incomplete connection of coil connector.
Protection from the overheating in internal circuits.

Stimulation Capacities

Four coils allow to achieve the different intensity and impact depth in dependence on study or treatment purpose.

Device Operation with Any Neurophysiological Equipment

Possibility of stimulator connection to computer USB port for the joint operation with digital EMG systems manufactured by Neurosoft Ltd.
Possibility of operation with EMG systems produced by third-party manufacturers supporting the operation with external stimulators and using “Start” input signal and (or) “Synchronization” output signal (“SYNCHR.” slot) for this.
The connection of any EMG system to electrical stimulator output is possible.


Principles of Magnetic Stimulation

The magnetic stimulator Neuro-MS uses magnetic pulses of short duration which can easily penetrate through clothes, cranium bones and soft tissues.

They exert influence upon deep peripheral nerves, cerebrum and spinal cord, which are inaccessible for other kinds of stimulation.


Neurology — treatment of disorders and traumas of central and peripheral nervous system, including vascular and vertebragene pathologies, neuropathies, demyelinating diseases.

Traumatology and orthopedy — treatment of traumatic injury of bones, spinal column, muscles, joints, spine osteochondrosis and its complications.

Ophthalmology — use at partial atrophy of visual nerve as a result of any etiology.

Psychiatry — treatment of depressions, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorders, maniacal conditions and other psychiatric diseases.


Ability of Neuro-MS magnetic stimulator to excite the motor zone of brain, zones of cervical and lumbar intumescences of spinal cord and all medullispinal roots easily and painlessly allows a doctor to assess the state of cerebral and spinal motor pathways of adults and children exactly.


  • Study of motor response at magnetic stimulation of peripheral nerves
  • Determination of central motor conduction time of patients suffering from demyelinating diseases of nervous system, in particular, multiple sclerosis
  • Assessment of excitability and flexibility of cortex motor zones
  • Assessment of root conduction time (F-wave and segmental magnetic stimulation) at osteochondrosis

Epileptology — study of epilepsy by means of noninvasive location of epileptic focuses and determination of lateralization of speech center before the brain surgery.

Pediatrics neurology — study of corticospinal tract state of children suffering from cerebral palsy.

Pulmonology — stimulation of phrenic nerve for study of diaphragm response.

If you want to know more about the magnetic stimulation, we recommend reading the following literature:

Transcranial magnetic stimulation.
Study of root conduction time.
Motor response variability.

Neuro-MS Delivery Set

Neuro-MS Extra Delivery Set

Neuro-MS delivery set.
Trolley and coil holder are not included in the base delivery set and should be bought separately.

Big ring coil RC-01-150   Small ring coil RC-01-100
Figure-of-eight coil FEC-01-100 Angulated figure-of-eight coil AFEC-01-100*

* is not included in the base delivery set and should be bought separately.

Modes of Operation

** To synchronize the operation with the external equipment, use the “Start” input signal (from electrical stimulators of digital EMG systems) and “Synchronization” output signal.

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